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    Putting collaborative problem-solving at the heart of your learning programme

    The latest Pisa rankings, which measure children's ability to collaborate with each other to solve problems, put the UK at 15th out of 51 countries. So we're actually doing quite well - but if we're really going to equip young people with the problem-solving and critical-thinking skills needed for the real world, school visit providers should be looking to see how they can help to develop these skills as a core feature of their learning programmes.

    Never stop questioning: why questions are more important than answers

    If you deliver a learning programme to schools or you visit schools to run workshops, you will probably use questioning as an integral part of your sessions. Questioning is undoubtedly a useful teaching and learning school - as Albert Einstein said, 'the important thing is to never stop questioning.'  But it's worth knowing a little bit about the theory of questioning so that you can consider how effectively you use questions in your own practise and whether you could use them in different ways to enhance the learning experiences that you offer children. 

    Maths problem solving in a local context

    Giving teaching and learning a local, area-based focus engages pupils in their local area and puts learning into context. 

    Teacher tip: create a Pupil School Trip Working Group

    Children love going on school trips, but here's a top tip for engaging them even more in your next out-of-the-classroom adventure.

    Winter Residentials Campaign launched Autumn 2017

    #WinterResidentials campaign launched to ensure more life-changing experiences for young people

    Business tip: give your local schools the V.I.P. treatment

    Are you engaging effectively with your local schools?

    Teacher Tip: make a day of it

    You've found the perfect school visit destination but you can only afford to book a morning session for your class. It seems a bit of a waste to pay for a coach just for a couple of hours...

    Why book a school trip to the Dorset History Centre?

    The Dorset History Centre in Dorchester offers a school trip experience with a difference. Here's what their Education Officer, Elliott Bailey, has to say:

    Geography: The future of fieldwork in schools

    Did you notice that 2015/16 was the Year of Fieldwork? It was a joint effort between the Geographical Association (GA) and 26 other organisations, including the Field Studies Council, Ordnance Survey, the technology firm ESRI (UK) and the Royal Geographical Society/Institute of British Geographers.

    Evaluation of Learning Away - Paul Hamlyn Foundation

    York Consulting published its final independent evaluation of Learning Away residentials, identifying their impacts as well as what it is about the overnight stay that brings about such positive powerful outcomes for young people long after their return to school.

    About Kuloko

    Kuloko is the network for organisations, businesses and individuals who offer local learning opportunities to schools. We support providers to collaborate, network, share good practice and keep up to date to ensure high quality learning experiences for local children.