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    Why organisations like the BBC should be engaging with schools - regularly.

    I'm delighted to hear that the BBC will be sending journalists into secondary schools and sixth forms to talk to young people about fake news, but we think that influential organisations should be engaging with schools on a regular basis as a matter of course.

    The HLF's impact on local learning opportunities

    I'm currently working on the learning component of a couple of HLF (Heritage Lottery Fund) applications for Dorset organisations and and it has made me think about the impact that HLF funding has on the learning opportunities available to schools. 

    Working with local schools: what's in it for you?

    Kuloko is the network for school visit providers and individuals and businesses that have skills, expertise or local knowledge that could be of use to local schools. We encourage a wide range of businesses and organisations to sign up because we believe that almost every business has something to offer local schools and together can create a hub of fantastic local learning opportunities.  But, I hear you say, what's in it for us?

    Supporting the Tree Charter through your learning offer

    The Tree Charter was launched on 6th November to highlight the role of trees and woodlands in people's lives and to encourage everyone to 'stand up for trees'. At a time when children and young people are showing worrying signs of being disconnected from the natural environment, it's important to draw their attention to the charter and to create opportunities for them to learn about, engage with and appreciate trees. So how can your organisation help?

    Toads are just baby frogs - aren't they?

    I've discovered that the board game 'Articulate' gives a really good indication of a player's vocabulary and general knowledge and having recently played the game with some younger family members, I'm worried. Very worried.

    Breaking down barriers: working with local schools is easier than you think

    You're a skilled craftsperson, an expert in your field or simply someone with a lot of knowledge about your local area. You could be a very valuable outreach resource for local schools. So what's stopping you making links with them?

    Anglo-Saxon themed school visits from Wareham Town Museum

    Is your Dorset school struggling to find local learning resources about Anglo-Saxon Britain?

    School trips - free CPD for teachers?

    It's almost impossible to adequately explain why school trips are invaluable to children -  but trust me, they are.  But what about the teachers who spend hours of their own time researching, planning and leading school trips? Can they benefit from them too?

    Kuloko sponsors CPD event for teachers in association with Twinkl.

    Kuloko Learning were delighted to sponsor a very successful CPD event for teachers on Saturday 23rd September at Pogles Wood Explorers in association with Twinkl. 

    The Education Officer: is this your dream job?

    Education officers, learning managers... whatever you want to call them, we think they're fabulous. Here's why.

    About Kuloko

    Kuloko is the network for organisations, businesses and individuals who offer local learning opportunities to schools. We support providers to collaborate, network, share good practice and keep up to date to ensure high quality learning experiences for local children.