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    Planning for Effective Questioning Worksheet

    Download our Planning for Effective Questioning sheet and use it to compose a good range of open and closed questions for your each of your school sessions. Think about how the questions would fit into the different parts of the sessions - you might want to use some quick and easy closed questions at the start to get the ball rolling and at the end to enable the teachers to asses and evaluate their pupils' learning.

    School Trip Calculator

    You're going on a school trip and need to work out the cost of the visit for all your children. You've got buses to think of, entry fees and don't forget the 'free' ice-cream the kids get every year. Where do you start? Download the free Kuloko school trip calculator to make your life easier.

    About Kuloko

    Kuloko is the network for organisations, businesses and individuals who offer local learning opportunities to schools. We support providers to collaborate, network, share good practice and keep up to date to ensure high quality learning experiences for local children.